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Skincare kits for your skin goals - #Tested #Curated #Personalized


Choose whatever you want to try and carry it around to make your skin brighter, hydrated, and nourished. Yellow for glowy and smooth skin, blue for dewy and hydrated skin, and green for refined and radiant skin.Customise your skincare routine with the this Toner Collection.

Toner collection


This lightweight hydrating line uses naturally derived ingredients to suit even the most sensitive of skin. Panthenol, a skin-benefitting compound closely related to Vitamin B5, delivers deep hydration while squalene helps bring back elasticity. Madecassoside, derived from Centella asiatica, also repairs skin damage.

Soonjung Kit


Featuring four trial-sized products to get your skin looking and feeling good again, the set is perfect for mild acne breakouts in need of TLC. The COSRX AC Collection goes beyond treating breakouts to help recover and revitalize acne-prone skin with no irritation.

Hero Kit


Designed to soothe and calm irritated skin, this hydrating range from Cosrx helps to relieve redness, reduce any inflammation and rejuvenate damaged skin. The Black Bee Propolis line contains naturally originated moisturising ingredients which will help smoothen your skin and bring about a natural glow

Honey Glow

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